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Keeping your Integrated Technology Networked Systems stable and on line is reliant on having a well designed and robust  LAN ( Local Area Network). The LAN supports both the wired and wireless internet connectivity. We tailor our Secured Networks to match our client’s and their family’s specific needs. We carefully examine floor plans and exterior entertainment spaces to ensure that you never miss a beat, stock trade or an email.

Video Distr

Video Distribution

Televisions and Video Distribution has significantly changed in the last 15 years - both aesthetically and performance wise. The advancements in TV technology with the new super thin designs have dramatically impacted how we style our spaces. It is standard practice to have a flush mounted Television with no equipment below the TV. Instead, we house the homes video source equipment in a central location and route the AV signals to the TV. With Streaming Video Services that offer us instant access to our favorite TV shows, Movies and Concerts as well as distributing our own videos, video distribution serves up what your family is looking for with simplicity and style.


Lighting Control

Enhance your homes Architecture and Interior Design by incorporating an energy efficient lighting control system. While trends in design and décor are ever evolving, lighting will always play a critical part in creating an inspiring and beautiful room – not to mention, a safe and comfortable environment. Ambiance makes all the difference in the world. Each system is custom tailored based on our client’s needs. Lighting control can be incorporated into new construction, renovations or even existing homes without having to run a single new wire. There are many options available to which can meet your needs and budget and that allow you to easily control your space from a single keypad or App.


Shading Control

Motorized Solar and Blackout Shades add another level of comfort and privacy to your home by leveraging natural light to save energy or allowing you to sleep in when you need to. Based on the time of day, automated Shades are pre-programmed to open or close based on how the sun comes into your home and specifically when you wish to have privacy or a view. Incorporating automated shades within a space so you are not even aware they are there is part of our design coordination process.

Home Theater

Home Theater

A Home Theater is a dedicated space engineered to offer you the ultimate Audio Visual experience in the comfort of your own home.  Proper design and early planning is critical. A Theater or Screening Rooms shape, seating capacity, site lines in relation to screen size and projector location, acoustics within the room and acoustical isolation considerations are but a few of the key elements we need to consider in order to specify the correct equipment for the space and your budget.

Smart Home Automation

Home Automation

Taking control of your environment is easier than ever today. Intelligently and confidently enjoying your home electronics systems is simple when you select the professionals at iTEC Consultants. Our team is comprised of industry veterans who know how to provide you with engineered solutions that meet your needs and work within your budget. Today’s integrated control solutions have evolved to the point that they are simple, reliable and fun to enjoy. Home Automation affords you the ability to consolidate your point of control to one App, Touch Screen or intuitive remote which allows you to easily operate your entertainment, lighting control, shading systems and more.


Remote Monitoring

Like a fine automobile, today’s networks and integrated systems require proper maintenance and upkeep to ensure they are in top running condition. We are able to proactively detect in real time, diagnose then resolve issues remotely via Cloud-based Network Management systems. Remote Monitoring allows us to provide you with responsive customer service and in many cases, we can resolve issues without having to roll a truck saving everyone time and money. We offer remote monitoring solutions tailored to your specific systems.


Audio Distribution

Having Music throughout your home and your outdoor entertainment spaces is great way to set the tone for your party or relaxing Sunday morning.  A Whole House Music system allows you to enjoy your music in any room of the house, via In Wall, In Ceiling or Free Standing speakers. An Audio system lets you listen to the same or different music in other areas of your home simultaneously.  Internet Radio has reconnected us with our favorite artists and songs from the decades we grew up in and the new music coming out today. Accessing your music is simple via the control systems app loaded onto your SmartPhone, Tablet, Computer or Touch Screens. Many of our clients enjoy their 2 channel Audiophile systems which we are passionate about too.



Surveillance Systems provide easy and reliable playback of recorded or live images in or around your property. Watch crystal clear streaming video from the Surveillance Systems NVR-Network Video Recorder to your Mobile App, PC, MAC or Touch Screen in your home. Easily and quickly ( 64x speed ) search through video footage for instant playback. Check in on your home while you are out to dinner or out of the country.

Outdoor Ent

Outdoor Entertainment

Enjoying the outside of your property with family and friends can be as much fun as entertaining inside when you have your easy access favorite Tunes, TV and Lighting Scenes to set the mood. iTEC has transformed hundreds of Backyard Patios, Terraces, Pool Cabana’s and Pool areas into “Ultimate Gathering Spaces” by working in collaboration with our clients and their project team to skillfully incorporate technology within each space.

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iTEC offers a wide variety of luxury brands to accommodate any budget. If you demand the highest level of audio and visual impact then speak to our sales team today. From entry level equipment to 100% custom built speakers we do it all.

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